BMW ビーエムダブリュー GS ドライジャケット-ジャケット







The GS Dry suit from BMW offers comfort and protection against the weather for on-road and off-road trips. The ventilation mechanism with Z-liner is unique and enables effective ventilation directly at the upper body. With the new NP2 protectors and reinforced material at the important areas the GS Dry suit ensures superlative protection even for off-road riding. The reflective prints on chest sleeves and back are compliant with international standards and the capacious pockets are ideal for stowing important bits and pieces where they are quickly accessible. Pull-out reflective patches with stud fasteners stow away neatly in the breast pocket. They increase the reflective surface area of the GS Dry suit to more than 150 cm2 to comply with the requirements applicable from 2013 onward in France. The ventilation zippers on chest and back are taped to keep them waterproof and they also open the C.A.R.E. climate membrane permitting air to flow directly to the upper body.

Waterproof entry-level Endouro jacket suitable for touring.
Cordura 500 with breathable coating water-repellent
Wind and waterproof thanks to integrated membrane as Z-liner.
Unique long ventilation zippers on chest and back glued waterproof: also open the membrane for effective ventilation directly at torso.
NP2NP protectors on back shoulders and elbows
Material reinforcements at areas exposed to impact in a fall.
Stretch inserts on arms.
Eyelet-lining knitted spacing fabric in back for improved air circulation.
Sleeve width adjustment with snaps.
Velcro strip for waist and pant line and on sleeve seam.
2 waterproof surface-mounted rear pockets.
2 breast pockets including removable button-on reflective areas.
1 sleeve pocket on left 1 pocket on lower back.
Reflective imprint on chest sleeves and back.
Zipper: 40 cm.

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BMW ビーエムダブリュー GS ドライジャケット-ジャケット

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BMW ビーエムダブリュー GS ドライジャケット-ジャケット

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