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Mordo Intelligence
Market overview of taxi EV

This article is full of statistics and EV market trends in the Taxi industry. Get stuck into some facts and figures.

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Taxi Point
What 2020 and the rise of the EV will mean for taxi drivers

An important consideration for taxi firms and their drivers- this article covers how the time spent serving customers directly impacts earning potential. Therefore, the ability to charge Electric vehicles is quickly becoming very important…

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White papers

Taxi Driver

“Lessons learned from electric cars in daily taxi operation in Gothenburg”

“This paper focuses on the feasibility of the electric taxi as part of
the shared mobility package. Both customers’ and drivers’ perspective were considered regarding changes in
their behavior and fulfillment of their mobility needs.”


Emu Analytics

The uptake of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the UK presents a great opportunity to work towards a sustainable future and realise significant economic, social and health benefits. However it poses organisations several challenges that need to be addressed, most notably the deployment of resliant charging infrastructure. This 50 page white paper makes recommendations on how organisations can best prepare for this transport revolution.


The Climate Centre

EV status and paths to adoption: This white paper focuses on the development of infrastructure for battery-electric vehicles and the increase in the numbers of these vehicles within Sonoma County. It is the authors’ intent to describe what is happening, offer possible recommendations for action, and spur the conversation to accelerate EV adoption.


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