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Whatever your business, you might already know that there’s a lot of great reasons to provide EV charging from your premises.


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Take It EV

This podcasts is a discussion about the infastructure of EV charing with a few guests; councillor in Hampshire, as well as Development Manager for one of the charging points provider.

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The Fully Charged Show Podcast

“100% renewable energy? Can it REALLY ever be our reality?
Robert talks with Mark Z. Jacobson all about the impact a 100% renewable world would bring. Is this really viable, if so, how will we adjust to it”

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EV Revolution Show

This podcasts talks about the world of Electric Vehicles and the ecosystem.

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Tracking the transition from fossil fuel transportation to electric and the surrounding clean ecosystems

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Blog Posts

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EV Industry

Auto Motive World
Electric Vehicles- the now, the near future & never again

This article discusses some of the latest advances in electrification knowledge and technologies helping to usher in an electric future, hihglighting some of the current & future technology.

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Auto Express
What is the UK plug-in car grant?

This artcle is useful in the explaination of the UK care grant for electric vehicles. This is where the government puts a sum of money towards the purchase of zero-emissions vehicles to encourage purchase.

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electirc vehicles for fleet
Auto Express
Future of Electric Cars

Electric car technology has progressed at a rapid pace but there is still more to do and we are always interested in what is next. Auto Express talk about their view on what is coming in the EV world when it comes to tech.

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Good Hotel guide
An insight into the hotels with EV charging in the UK

Here is a useful list of all hotels from the Good Hotel Guide who have adopted Electric Vehicle charging.A useful reference for those interested in the hotel industry and how other hotels have adopted EV charging.

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The Enegyst
Electric vehicle charging ‘will become like wifi’: Why hotels are mobilising

An interesting article from Will Ashworth, CEO of the Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall, who installed EV charing at his hotel. He shares how he went about the process & his tips in the process.

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Ev charging for Green hotels

Incase you didn’t have enough reasons already, this article gives 5 more reasons why you need to offer charging facility in your hotel/ BnB.

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Hotel electric car charging – the benefits for customers and businesses

This article highlights some interesting points on what to consider when it comes to offering EV charging in your hotel

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Auto Futures
Premier Inns plans to role out charging across UK

This article was released when Whitbread, which has over 800 hotels across the UK and more car park locations than the NCP began the process of installing up to a thousand GeniePoint Network rapid charging points.

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Mordo Intelligence
Market overview of taxi EV

This article is full of statistics and EV market trends in the Taxi industry. Get stuck into some facts and figures.

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Taxi Point
What 2020 and the rise of the EV will mean for taxi drivers

An important consideration for taxi firms and their drivers- this article covers how the time spent serving customers directly impacts earning potential. Therefore, the ability to charge Electric vehicles is quickly becoming very important…

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White papers

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E8 Concept

This is whitepaper from E8, whihc is a concept developed by ELES’s experts and consists of 8 essential pillars they identified as crucial for the successful transition to e-mobility. On the basis of these cornerstones, the paper elaborates further on various areas that should be taken into account in our further development activities.



“Lessons learned from electric cars in daily taxi operation in Gothenburg”

“This paper focuses on the feasibility of the electric taxi as part of
the shared mobility package. Both customers’ and drivers’ perspective were considered regarding changes in
their behavior and fulfillment of their mobility needs.”


Emu Analytics

The uptake of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the UK presents a great opportunity to work towards a sustainable future and realise significant economic, social and health benefits. However it poses organisations several challenges that need to be addressed, most notably the deployment of resliant charging infrastructure. This 50 page white paper makes recommendations on how organisations can best prepare for this transport revolution.


The Climate Centre

EV status and paths to adoption: This white paper focuses on the development of infrastructure for battery-electric vehicles and the increase in the numbers of these vehicles within Sonoma County. It is the authors’ intent to describe what is happening, offer possible recommendations for action, and spur the conversation to accelerate EV adoption.


Faclities Manager


“ARMA is the leading body
for residential leasehold
management, ARMA is also
an important resource for
This paper is useful for those thinking about asking Managing Agent if you can have an
electric charging point for your electric vehicle or if you are a developer about to embark on a new scheme and are considering
whether to install electric call points into the parking spaces. “


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