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EV Charging

Far more than charge point installations…

As an independent consultancy with over 10 years experience tailoring solutions for hundreds of unique scenarios we’ve seen first hand how the right strategy can deliver more than a convenient charge.

With strong relationships across every manufacturer brand and deep sector knowledge earned from coalface experience designing, supplying and installing charging soultions, we know what works and what doesn’t.

EV Vehicles

The vehicles of the future are here today…

EV’s have never been so affordable and with the total cost of ownership (TCO) now measurably lower than an equivelant fossil fuelled vehicle, the benefits are clear. With vehicle options expanding across all classes and price points it’s time to discover the many benefits EV ownership offers…

EV Consultancy

Our e-Mobility Consulting Solutions Are Designed For Everyone

The Connect Consultancy is uniquely positioned to help with the global transition to electrified transport. As a wholly independent business our forward thinking team has more than just a visionary outlook. Unlike others we view things from your perspective and bring knowledge, experience and our extensive network of contacts to the table helping you overcome challenges, achieve goals and save time.

With over a decade of coal face experience under our belt we’ve been asked to support a range of projects including charge point research & development, white label energy platforms, energy storage & arbitrage, EV software solutions spanning payment platforms to field management software.And our one-size-does-not-fit-all approach means we naturally think outside the box when it comes to your project needs. Whether you need help making business critical decisions or advice on market direction & upcoming trends our expert team can help.


Deep Industry KnowledgeClever With Our Knowledge Since 2013


Extensive ContactsUnbiased & 100% Committed To You


Broad Market AppreciationWe Care And It Shows

Remove the risk

Our passion, knowledge and experience – combined with our visionary outlook – means we help with a vast range of sector-specific challenges. From ‘ready now’ solutions in charging, Energy storage and optimisation to funding and business development, we can help you successfully move forward.

Some Examples Of Areas We Have Worked In And Can Bring Experience To

Software Development

As one of the 3D’s (Digitisation, Decentralisation and Decarbonisation) EV’s and the new transport energy infrastructure operate in technically advanced environments where software plays a critical role. From back-office-systems to automated payment processing, engineer field management tools to energy optimisation and distribution, innovation is everywhere and underpins many of the sector’s achievements to date. Software will continue to be the vital component that connects our future in e-mobility & renewables together.

Parking Solutions

As demand shifts to ‘park and charge’, private and local authority operators are looking to tackle the practical and commercial challenges of parking for EV’s. Dynamic solutions that balance demand and availability by offering bookable park and charge bays (utilising ‘grace-periods’ and overstay penalties) allow parking management to meet the needs of all drivers as the transition to electric continues.

Product Development (hardware)

EVSE development continues to push boundaries, offering buyers greater choice in both domestic and commercial settings. In addition, healthy competition drives down equipment pricing and forces manufacturers to innovate, creating USP’s that are future focussed such as modular and interchangeable architecture.

Govt. and Private Advisory

Local authorities, empowered to work autonomously can have a significant impact on citizens’ environmental well being. But without the support and direction of external experience and the visionary perspective of forward thinking industry players, things can flounder. We are seeing an increasing commitment to prioritising what matters – such as the creation of departments and roles, tasked with the responsibility that each local govt. shares in transitioning to fossil free transport. We are proud to support local authorities with our own payback initiative designed to accelerate knowledge of the industry and in turn fuel greater decision making.

EV Transition Solutions

With the right support, adopting an EV strategy into your business can be straightforward. Whether it is vehicular in nature or more EVSE orientated, when planned carefully transition times can be short and with minimal disruption. However, for many businesses (for example those involved in the fleet vehicle supply chain) the nature of the transition can be far more protracted, requiring a deeper and more flexible approach. Strategic planning is critical here and can be responsible for determining a company’s direction in a once in a lifetime reorganisation of operations required to meet the transition to EV’s

Business Development

The Connect Consultancy has its roots in the progressive environment of business development. We understand the competitive nature of commerce and consider ourselves partners with every client we work with, aligning ourselves with their current position and longer term perspectives and goals, in order to bring a considered opinion about opportunity and risk. If you are seeking faster traction or better and more valuable sales engagements we can help fine tune your operation, opening up a world of opportunity.

Policy Guidance

Policy making shapes our economy and the environment. The challenge, especially in a new market is to balance the fiscal nature of economic development with the environmental and social needs of citizens and individuals. Poorly defined policy without proper consultation or peer review can stifle progress for years and be costly with long lasting economic and environmental implications. We have assisted in this regard (both formally and informally) where ‘coal face’ perspectives and invaluable insight can be extremely helpful to policy professionals.

Energy Brokerage

The energy market continues to change with disruptors bringing new forms of flexibility, yet the focus for consumers is still on pricing, value for money and environmental impact. As a result of increased awareness caused by market changes and the new fuel economy, energy brokerage has evolved. Brokers have more products to offer and more tools at their disposal to optimise packages for clients resulting in overnight savings, which for businesses can be significant. If you or your business have been with the same supplier for the last 12 months it’s time to take a fresh perspective with an audit and appraisal of your usage.

CP Network Planning & GIS Optimisation

We started out designing and installing for networks, balancing the needs of early EV adopters with the practical challenges and commercial commitments to make Charge Point locations useful. Unfortunately for many larger networks the drive to install EVSE has been based on poorly informed data and considerations not aligned with either current or future driver habits, resulting in poor utilisation. Our approach is different and we have supported deployment plans using our own proprietary methods designed to save time, money and avoid embarrassment with ill conceived locations that have little hope of short-term utilisation or longer term adoption. If you are considering installing new commercial or public-facing networks, our proprietary process can reveal different options and hidden solutions, offering a better user experience and a faster and greater ROI.

Funding & Finance Solutions

From the very early days of EVSE roll-out CapEx has been a considerable deterrent for most organisations. What this did create was innovative funding models driven primarily by CPO’s and other sizable players eager to lower the barrier to entry for participating host venues. Since then, we have seen specialist finance and flexible funding descend onto the new landscape offering a full range of options. We understand adoption challenges and have been ambassadors for smart finance as a way to drive the market since our inception, believing a model exists for every situation.

Risk Analysis & Health and Safety Compliance

New markets where new products and services are introduced, present new challenges for health and safety and compliance protocols. As the market matures, responsibilities that may not have been previously obvious can often arise and require specialist intervention to avoid penalties, reputational damage or worse. We are increasingly advising clients on solutions to issues where these risks exist and are a clear and present danger. In a rapidly changing environment staying abreast of developments is critical and we are able to directly address and manage emerging and existing issues to a satisfactory outcome.

Loyalty & Subscriptions

While many established business models are facing disruption from EV adoption and the impact of connected renewables, it is also an unprecedented time for innovation and opportunity. The ‘connected’ demographic of EV drivers and their behavioural habits present new and unique opportunities such as ‘dwell time’ where drivers can avail themselves of relevant discounts and offers at locations providing ‘sticky’ charging services. With the right insight and creative solutions, smart retailers have the chance to steal a march on the competition increasing loyalty, trade and profits.

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