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Charging at Home: How Does this Work in Practice? And What Does it Cost?

One of the advantages of EV ownership is the ability to charge while parked - This is especially beneficial when parked at home and over-night. ...

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Understanding EV Charging Options and Costs

As we come to the end of another year, with a new virus ‘variant of concern’ causing headlines there still remains some optimism for an end t...

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Here’s 8 Top Reasons Why You Seriously Need To Think About Switching Your Fleet To EVs

As recently reported in Fleet News, there has been a 93% increase in vans on UK roads since 1995. However, those classed as Ultra-Low Emission Ve...

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COVID19 Climate Change

How The COVID19 Crisis Could Speed Up Our Switch To EV, And Slow Down Climate Change

In 2020, life as we all knew it changed dramatically. But during a time of immense uncertainty, there was a small glimmer of hope for some positi...

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Multiple charge points

Why Adding More Electric Vehicle Charging Points Will Revolutionise Electric Vehicles For Business Drivers

Our vision to get more EV drivers on the road are ambitious, and rightfully so. Business drivers in particular have the potential to make a huge ...

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planet over profit

6 Signs That We’ve Passed The Tipping Point In The Transition To A World Of Electrified Transportation

As experts in Electric Vehicle (EV) consulting and the installation of EV charge points, we have enjoyed front row seats to the exponential growt...

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