Hello, Welcome to The Connect Consultancy.

Electric transport revolution is well underway. EV’s and smart, renewable energy offer lower cost, cleaner air and new opportunities for business. We are here to help you wave goodbye to the past and say hello to the future.

The Connect Consultancy is a UK based e-mobility consultancy focussed on EV charging equipment and the energy infrastructure that powers it.

We support companies and professionals who want to make informed, well thought out decisions about strategy and business activities within the new and rapidly evolving electric transport economy.

From selecting a single charge point solution to a multisite network rollout, our goal is to help businesses understand the opportunities and address the challenges that EV’s and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) present.

Our Mission

We serve 2 key areas of current market demand within the growing EV sector.

1. Strategy, planning and implementation of charging and infrastructure.

2. The selection and procurement of Electric Vehicles.

Our expertise and experience across the entire sector has meant we have also increasingly been asked to advise on other areas and so in 2020 we formed a new division of our business which brings our insight, contacts and vision of the future to a broader client base. As the EV market evolves and proponents diversify this service becomes increasingly valuable for clients looking for certainty and support in areas beyond charging installation and vehicle procurement.

These areas of focus allow us to help organisations transition away from fossil fueled transport by directly supporting decision makers most of whom need to make data driven choices that give certainty to their investments.

Climate change is of course about more than e-mobility. We face a global challenge across dozens of sectors and hundreds of countries to eradicate our reliance on fossil fuel energy and reduce pollution. We believe that transportation, being such a significant and visible element of daily living, will drive collective attitudes on what is and what isn’t sustainable, or acceptable.

As one of the fastest growing new sectors of the 20th century, the e-mobility revolution can be fundamental in helping shape our view of the future and change our societies for good.

This is why we’re helping businesses play a part (no matter how small) on their contribution to climate change starting with their e-mobility journey. The road ahead is long but one we’re proud to be working towards and even prouder to be serving you in.

The Charging Landscape

How do TCC and our global ambitions fit into this?

While there is momentum behind the transition to electric, the wider connected EV market extends beyond vehicles and charging. A new and disruptive clean energy ecosystem is forming around us, with new companies combining innovation and technology to serve consumers whose expectations are driven not just by quality and efficiency but by environmental obligations.

The world is changing and with it our habits and behaviors. At Connect we aim to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the new era of energy consumption. We do this by staying ahead of the curve in market developments – maintaining intimate knowledge and understanding of the products, the services and the people that are delivering solutions for businesses across the globe and setting themselves out against the competition as transport electrification takes hold.

Our Values

To serve with purpose and enjoy our work we aspire to contribute meaningfully through our (core) values:

1. Vision

Existing in the now yet guided by an evolving future vision of our horizon and the impact that positive developments and progress have upon our society.

2. Passion

Having a deep belief in the industry and the positive impact that the sector is having on our lives and our habitat.

3. Integrity

Operating with high regard for the value of relationships and being selflessly committed to client objectives.

Who are we?

The consultancy was founded in 2015 by Tim Scrafton as a knowledge base formed out of a chargepoint solutions provider he helped establish as one of the leading installers in Europe. With lengthy experience across the entire EVSE value chain – developing relationships and advising companies and governments on strategy and policy, The Connect Consultancy was born out of necessity to support those committed to the global decarbonisation movement and the commercial activity businesses undertake to make it happen.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it“ – Peter Drucker

We aspire to the above through our mission statement and contribution to the e-mobility sector with 3 service offerings. Hard solutions in the form of EVSE and EV’s plus soft solutions including research, strategy and business development in the sector. You can learn more about each of these and how we fulfil our mission statement by clicking here.

Let us help show you the value of choosing the right charging strategy for your business.

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